Stefanik’s radio silence speaks volumes

To the editor:

The 21st Congressional District reelected our representative recently — of course it is ironic that when a Republican wins, there is no outcry that there was voter fraud. Hmm, I wonder why that is?

Then, right out of the gate, our fearless representative Elise pulls the trigger and endorses the twice-impeached, morally bankrupt and credibility challenged former President Donald Trump. Elise could not wait for the ink to dry on her victory to profess her loyalty to Trump. Of course, as is her standard operating procedure, there is no condemnation of Trump’s dinner with a couple real “fine” Americans at Mar-a-Lago recently. We know she knows how to condemn something — just look at some of her recent actions regarding the FBI search for sensitive documents at the Florida country club or her outcry regarding the special counsel.

Now the former president is demanding that the Constitution should be suspended, and he should be reinstated as president. Again, Elise is in radio silence mode, are we to interpret the silence as agreement? Wasn’t one of her major rallying cries during the ill-fated attempt by Trump to throw out certain votes in 2020 that she steadfastly supports and defends the Constitution? I guess that is only the case when it suits her or justifies an action taken.

One can take solace that the promised red wave, tsunami, and trouncing did not happen and that some reason will keep the craziness in check. It is too bad our representative has hitched herself so unabashedly to the Trump wagon that jumping off is not an option. Who is the radical now?

Chuck Damp

Ray Brook


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