On Bryjak’s commentary

To the editor:

I found Mr. (George) Bryjak’s guest commentary (“Ignorant, dishonest and electable,” Enterprise, Nov. 19) to be very informative and truthful! While I have long found Mr. (Herschel) Walker’s relationship with the truth to be lacking and have questioned his intelligence and ability to serve, I had not heard all of the questionable comments made by Mr. Walker until I read Mr. Bryjak’s commentary.

It boggles my mind how anyone would want Mr. Walker representing their state. I dream of the days when Republicans could work alongside Democrats, actually caring more about our country and our democracy than they do about power and money. It breaks my heart to see the hatred that has been stirred up by certain unethical politicians in our country.

I have a request of Mr. Bryjak. I’m hoping that you can send your commentary to newspapers published in Georgia prior to the run off. The citizens of Georgia need to be educated about the person for whom they are voting on Dec. 6.

Thank you, Mr. Bryjak, for your enlightening commentary!

Ruth Fortune

Saranac Lake


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