Vote to reject attacks on schools

To the editor:

I’m a retired teacher who taught children to read, a skill they needed to gain a knowledge of factual history, science and to become independent critical thinkers. The ability to read opens the world to everyone. Knowing fact from fiction helps all of us make independent decisions.

You may have heard that MAGA extremists are bringing their political agendas to Congressional districts by attacking schools and calling for certain books to be banned. As a retired teacher, I say let kids read stories where they see themselves as the hero. Let kids experience characters different from themselves. They will deepen their humanity and empathy through books.

We may not agree on every issue, but we need to come together as grandparents, parents, teachers and students to reject this attack on schools. I know Matt Castelli has the values that support our students’ freedom to learn and develop the love of reading. Please cast your vote on Nov. 8 for Matt Castelli.

Carole H. Gehrig



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