This isn’t normal

To the editor:

It’s getting even crazier out there! Now the former president is professing that the senate minority leader has a death wish. This because McConnell is indicating his support for legislation that will codify what we all took for granted prior to the failed Trump-led coup.

In the same paragraph he also leveled racist comments at Mitch’s wife, a former Trump cabinet member.

Elaine served Trump faithfully until he decided to be the first president ever to not accept defeat and cling to power by orchestrating the Jan. 6 insurrection. Of course our own Trump minion Rep. Elise Stefanik must condone his actions on all fronts. Her silence is an indication of her support.

It is just unfathomable to me that now Mitch and Elaine are RINOs. C’mon Elise, show the independence you profess to have and condemn this cr**, or would that be your death wish too?

Chuck Damp

Ray Brook


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