Youth are engaged in politics

To the editor:

Per Mr. Reale’s Sept. 3 letter (“Why aren’t youth involved in politics?”) concerning lack of interest in politics, he may be happy to know that 18-29 year olds are active in politics. They’re committed to the changing America that is definitely their future; not the resentful, white-washed, unrealistic version of this country to which the older generation clings.

According to exit polls by the Center for Information and Research in Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) and Pew Research Institute, the youth vote turned out in record numbers and carried both President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama to victory. It may seem that the young have their noses buried in their cellphones, but when it comes to voting they’re racially and ethnically diverse and more religiously tolerant. They support activist causes like addressing climate change, racial and economic equality and women’s rights. 69% support expanding the role of government to solve America’s problems.

Engaged, informed youth were drawn to a promising, enlightened America, as they voted for the first Black president. But as conservative politicians drew an obvious and tightened noose around Obama’s attempts to make change and “be woke,” youth became discouraged and disillusioned. President Biden has restored their hope that despite flagrant racism, disregard for the environment, corporate greed and hatred against LGBTQ and women, a positive future may still await them, even if there are older Americans stuck in their narrow-minded, old-fashioned anger and resistance.

Optimistic youth are looking forward and voting accordingly. We should support them in inheriting a constructive, proactive future.

Martha Hodges



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