Why NY-21 should choose Castelli

To the editor:

Do you want a representative who:

Votes no against your best interests and then takes credit when the money appears?

Is against a woman’s right to choose her own healthcare decisions?

Is against any kind of sensible gun control?

Voted to overturn your vote in the 2020 free and fair election?

Continues to support the twice impeached and defeated president, claiming to be an ultra-MAGA and proud of it — a woman who was initially elected for her moderate views and is now a far-right hate mongering extremist?

I want a congressional representative who actually protects a women’s equal rights, who works to protect women’s reproductive rights, is in favor of and works to pass sensible gun laws, who protects our democracy and voting rights, who works to assure that healthcare is accessible to all, and where the rights of all are protected.

Elise Stefanik is no longer that representative. On Nov. 8, vote for Matt Castelli to represent NY-21. Thank you.

Cheryl Breen Randall



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