We voted for Follos

To the editor:

Efforts to slander and silence Wilmington town board member Tim Follos have been simmering within our community for months. These efforts have now burst into full public view, both in the pages of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and through a bizarre outburst at the most recent Wilmington town board meeting.

Whatever the supposed justification for these efforts, their actual basis is obvious: Tim is trying to make progress on the issues he campaigned on, and he is not giving up.

Tim was overwhelmingly voted into office last fall by the people of Wilmington, and it disappoints, saddens, and angers us to see our candidate routinely disrespected.

All members of our community should be aware that there are many who appreciate Tim. He won so handily because people in Wilmington agree with his proposals and ideas and share his concerns.

We agree with those who say that our board members should be willing to work together and compromise to achieve solutions that are palatable to all, but when you disrespect our candidate and his ideas, you disrespect us! That is not a good way to engender community cohesion.

We are grateful that Tim continues to represent our views despite the ill treatment he has endured. We appreciate that he is trying to accomplish the things he said he would try to accomplish. Although others seem outraged by his efforts, we appreciate the fact that he is not giving up.


Patricia Winch, Caitlin Bottcher, Kristin Eaton, Maxwell Eaton, Barbara Funk, Lynn Gaffney, Nancy Gonyea, Wesley Gonyea, Gary Grady, Alison Haas, Bethany Kress, Greg Kress, Brigette Levitt, Sylvia Mustelier, Wyatt Peck, Linda Shuster, Celia Stephenson, Edward Winch, Randy Winch, Kimberly Winch, Pamela Winch, Bill Wonderlin, Jerilyn Wright



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