Thoughts as the general election approaches

To the editor:

As the general election approaches, I think about the needs of our community and our nation.

Most importantly, we need to protect our basic constitutional right to vote and ensure election security by passing voting rights legislation and election protection measures.

We need to halt climate change and protect our natural environment by transitioning to a decarbonized economy.

We need to create sustainable green jobs that provide a decent livelihood to overcome the horrible economic inequality we currently face.

We need a publicly financed, non-profit single-payer health care system that would fully cover all Americans.

We need to fight back any attempt to restrict women’s right to choose.

We need to protect the hard-won Social Security and Medicare systems that support millions of Americans.

We need to strengthen gun safety laws to save lives and ensure public safety.

I believe Francis Conole, the Democratic NY-22 Congressional candidate for central New York, understands all these needs and will work unselfishly and enthusiastically on policies to meet them.

Dr. Nesecan Balkan



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