Plea for a return to civility

To the editor:

Our “little city in the Adirondacks” of Saranac Lake has a lot going for it. It is thriving in a natural setting, on forestland abounding in wildlife, a river runs through it, and the several nearby lakes afford us lots of opportunity for outdoor recreation. There are many beautiful neighborhoods with friendly folks and community spirit runs high. Residents can truly say “Life is Good” here. However, over the past few years I have noticed a marked change in the quality of village life. In my neighborhood several residents are feeling increasingly uneasy about the rising noise level of cars and motorcycles. Sounds of revving motorcycle and souped-up car engines and loud mufflers punctuate our once quieter streets. Several of these vehicles travel our streets several times in the course of a day, and many, over a couple of hours. Village streets are not the places for gunning engines. Such sounds disrupt our thoughts, reading, conversations, TV viewing, even our sleep — in short they are taking away our peace of mind.

I want to live in a community where residents recognize that they live in a shared space and behave in ways that respect their fellow residents. I would like to see a village ordinance that would serve to remind residents of their responsibility toward one another and help reduce the level of noise pollution that many of us are experiencing.

Elizabeth Kochar

Saranac Lake


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