People are not pawns

To the editor:

We can all agree that America’s immigration policy needs to be revamped.

Administrations controlled by both parties have punted this issue incessantly. As is typical with difficult legislation, it is easier to blame each other, then do nothing.

The one thing that hasn’t changed in quite some time is people worldwide view the American dream with envy, as an opportunity to improve their lot. Either leaving an oppressed nation or to potentially give their children opportunities they don’t see possible at home.

Let’s face it: If we aren’t indigenous, we are all descendants of immigrants. The thing we all must keep in mind is people are in the middle of this issue. They are not pawns to sacrifice for political theater their lives are already totally disrupted and threatened.

Let’s do something that is hard and fix this! It can only be done by electing members on either side that are willing to negotiate in good faith. We the voters can do something about it. Make informed choices. Please.

Chuck Damp

Ray Brook


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