Why continue to support Trump?

To the editor:

So Rep. Stefanik is jumping on the GOP fake outrage train. Investigate the FBI for taking “our” documents back to the National Archives? Donald Trump took documents that don’t belong to him. He jerked the U.S. government lawyers around for one to one-and-a-half years. He had shredded some that had previously been turned back. They had to be taped back together. He cannot be trusted with classified documents or even any classified information. Remember the scene with Trump and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the Oval Office? Laughing. It made my blood run cold. He shared classified military information with them. Now see how Russian TV is playing outrage about the FBI search. They know he’s corrupt and can be used.

Everyone else knows what a crook and liar he is. Why are they still supporting this guy? He wasn’t/isn’t morally or intellectually fit for the presidency. Why Elise? Why support someone who is “corrupt on a level this country has never seen before,” as Charles Blow of the New York Times said?

Kudos to the Enterprise staff for asking Elise questions, but of course, she has to wait for talking points from her GOP masters. This just shows she doesn’t support law enforcement. FBI Director Chris Wray appropriately said violence is not the answer. Trump uses charged words to rile up his base. Look how he lied and got hundreds to break into the U.S. Capitol, even threatening the very lives of Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They beat and killed Capitol police.

Why on earth would anyone support this guy? He’s left them all to rot. Money he raised for “defense” went into his pocket. An astounding $250 million. The ultimate conman.

He will likely never run for president again. He has been warned by the RNC that legal representation will end if he runs. He probably can’t afford to run and give that up. I’ve lost all respect for Republicans who go along with his lies and phony victimhood. His end will likely not be pretty.


Jennifer Zahn

Saranac Lake


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