They are our documents

To the editor:

Back in the ’70s, when I was coming of age to be able to vote, I had to decide which political party I would affiliate with. I grew up in a mixed political household with my dad, a lifelong Republican, and my mom, a lifelong Democrat. Neither tried to influence my decision other than telling me it was my patriotic duty/privilege to be involved and register.

In the news at that time was disgraced former President Richard Nixon professing to all that he was not a crook. So I took what I felt was the logical choice and registered as a Democrat. In the past 40-plus years, I have voted for the candidate I felt best suited for the job regardless of party affiliation in general elections. Back in ’78, a bipartisan bill was passed, the Presidential Records Act. At that time, members of both parties were concerned that all records be preserved, although they did allow former/current presidents latitude in declaring which documents should be classified but they were to be owned by all of us. When a citizen is elected to the highest office in our country, they agree to adhere to all the rules/laws of the U.S., not just the ones they like or that benefit them.

In today’s headlines we see that the FBI has executed a legal search at former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida for “our” documents that he and his staff erroneously/possibly illegally transported there. Trump doesn’t have the right to negotiate which documents are publicly owned, they all are. Now we see the minions lining up damning the DOJ and FBI for purported political retribution. Ironically an FBI under the leadership of a Trump appointee. There are calls for defunding the FBI and threats of investigations to come, even declaring Attorney General Garland should clear his calendar and retain records. This from the supposed law and order party.

In the past 5-plus years it has become quite clear that the Republican Party has become more cult-like than almost any time in our history. They don’t seem to have an agenda other than doing Trump’s bidding. It is sad commentary when a once patriotic, constitutionally adherent political party leaves that historical norm. One can only hope that those Republicans that still believe in the Constitution and that America can be the envy of the world again do the right thing and move on from the morally corrupt former president and find a new leader. Unlike some others I am not imploring you to vote Democratic this year, rather vote for America.

Chuck Damp

Ray Brook


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