Grateful to our communities

To the editor:

The morning of June 21, 2022 started out like most days for us at Tri-Lakes Humane Society. The staff began their morning routine of caring for our furry residents. In the blink of an eye, with the loud pronouncement of “FIRE,” everything changed.

Fortunately, what could have been a heart-wrenching major disaster was extinguished and reduced to a traumatizing but relatively minor one.

If not for the quick actions of our heroic staff, their selfless dedication to the animals in our care, and the immediate response of the local fire departments who answered our call, we shudder to think of what could have been.

But it wasn’t. Thanks to the generous and swift reactions of our local communities and all the animal lovers who came to our aid, the Tri-Lakes Humane Society is on the mend. At this time, our shelter manager and her family have been able to move back into their apartment above the shelter. All of the animals who call the shelter home are safe and sound. Business is back to normal: saving little lives. We have many cats and dogs who are in need of loving homes. Come visit us!

We will continue the work of upgrading our fire and disaster response systems with the generosity you have provided us. The practice of our evacuation plans and ensuring all extinguishers and safety systems are in working order (they were!) will continue. Any remaining funds that were so generously donated in response to the fire will be put toward ensuring our physical structure can meet the safety and wellbeing of the animals we care for.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all who generously supported Tri-Lakes Humane Society the day of the fire and in the days following, including: the Saranac Lake Volunteer Fire Department, the Saranac Lake Police Department, Dr. Jacquelyn Bentley of Paws and Claws Mobile Vet, CED-Twin State Electric, Cochran Trash Service, Bill Coakley/Coakley’s, Greggors Plumbing, Heating and Electrical, The UPS Store, Erik Stender and Chris McClatchie from the village of Saranac Lake, Franklin County Fire Investigator Tom Tucker, Eric Wamsganz, Best Western of Saranac Lake, all of the first responders who came to the scene of the fire, and all of our supporter who made contributions both large and small.

Thank you all for caring and showing just how much our communities love animals!

Lea J. Bedore and Carla Stroud

President, Tri-Lakes Humane Society Board of Directors

and Tri-Lakes Humane Society shelter director

Saranac Lake


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