Regardless of party, all must support free, fair elections

To the editor:

There are many issues where Republicans and Democrats have strong differences. But there is one issue that everyone who believes in our country should be able to agree. All elections should be free, and fair, allowing all legally qualified citizens to vote. Following that election there must be, as has been the case for over 200 years, an orderly transition of power.

After the testimony from the House committee, (not from Democrats, but from life-long conservative Republicans who have worked for Donald Trump or at the White House), there is no doubt that an illegal scheme was created to prevent the orderly transition of power. No one who supports or ignores this attack on our democracy is worthy of your vote. Support every conservative issue in which you believe. But don’t consider yourself a proud American, don’t fly an American flag, or chant “USA, USA” if you support any candidate who would threaten our very democracy by spreading lies that undermine our elections.

Elise Stefanik is no longer the moderate conservative she was when she first entered Congress. She has given up her principles and honesty to seek power. Hopefully, there are still some honest conservative Republicans worthy of your vote.

Alan Schwartz

Saranac Lake


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