Grant funding for Upward Bound is good news

To the editor:

Once again, Rep. Elise Stefanik is delivering results here in the North Country. She announced last week that the Upward Bound Program for North Country colleges would be receiving over $900,000 in funding.

These programs help those from low income families who wish to attend college by providing them with resources and counseling. The process for applying to schools can be complex and overwhelming. This is especially true if neither parent has attended college and is not familiar with the process. These programs will help to provide students with resources and counselors who can help them understand and navigate this process. These counselors will also be able to provide guidance on how to apply for and obtain financial aid. This will result in far more children being able to apply to and attend college and post-secondary education institutions.

I think it is great that Elise was able to secure this funding. These programs help to lift up those in our communities that would otherwise not be afforded these opportunities. Well done, Elise!

Ian Clark



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