Fundraising for Hanmer race continues

To the editor:

Fundraising efforts are ongoing for the 60th anniversary/51st running of the Willard Hanmer Guideboat and Canoe race scheduled for July 3.

A letter writing campaign, resulting in a steady outpouring of support from local businesses, local organizations, municipal, county and the village/towns has been most gratifying. If it were not for KT Stiles, Adirondack Stiles Real Estate Company, initially stepping up to pay for the insurance of the event, the planning would have stopped in its tracks.

Our members look forward to the return, after a 10 year hiatus, of this much storied race followed by a community picnic at the Saranac Lake Fish and Game Club. It was a classic Fourth of July tradition for our community and enjoyed by many visitors and residents alike.

A quote included with the Women’s Civic Chamber donation stated: “This race is one of the reasons that Saranac Lake is a ‘Little Town. Lotta Heart’ place to live.” This sentiment is the reason that local organizers are hard at work.

To continue with the support, or if you have any questions, please contact Sue Dyer at 505-730-9953 or Kathy Dyer at 505-235-1268, greensideofthebigapple@gmail.com.

Kathy Dyer

Saranac Lake


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