Thank you for fundraising help

To the editor:


The Bloomingdale Boosters and the St. Armand Youth Task Force would like to say “thank you” for the generosity of the people in our community that attended the breakfast buffet held on Sunday, May 8, at the Bloomingdale firehouse.

We would also like to thank Elizabeth Farmer and Brice Heery for their assistance with cooking the breakfast.

Your donations will assist the St. Armand Youth Task Force in fundraising to build a new ice hockey rink, basketball court, street hockey rink, snack bar addition to the current youth building and a pavilion with seating on the youth field, 15 Roosevelt Lane, Bloomingdale.

The Bloomingdale Boosters will use the donations to facilitate youth softball and baseball programs, purchase equipment and uniforms.

Thank you so very much for your time and consideration.

We are truly grateful and appreciative of your support!

Best regards,

Bloomingdale Boosters: Bryan Munn, Brenda Darrah, Nicole Branch, Shauna Manning, Tim Woodruff, Josh Woodruff, Jackie Niederbuhl; and the St. Armand Youth Task Force: Davina Winemiller, Brenda Darrah, Aleacia Landon, Diane Burman, Vanessa Columbe, Erin Cass, Meg Oliver, Darcey Burman, Josh Woodruff, Tim Woodruff, Dayna Whitson



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