Hanmer trophy found

Derek Doty, North Elba town supervisor, presents the Hanmer Grandaddy trophy to one of the race organizers, Sue Dyer. (Photo provided)

To the editor:

North Elba town supervisor and seasoned guideboat racer Derek Doty has discovered one of the five missing Hanmer perpetual trophies in the North Elba Town Hall basement store room.

The trophy was originally given by the Saranac Lake American Legion Post 448 to honor long time and much loved Police Chief William Wallace. It was first awarded in 1973 to Art Charland and Vic Schwartz and was last awarded in 2001 to Jesse Corum III and Jesse Corum IV.

The trophy will be awarded to those who enter the two man guideboat class in a special grandaddy division. The winner is determined by subtracting five seconds from the final time for every year of the combined ages of the entrants over 100 years of age.

The organizers are also considering the addition of the “change of the rower/paddler rule” as done in the traditional race. That rule required the rower and paddler to change positions in a designated area. The maneuver, if smoothly or hilariously executed, is a crowd-pleaser.

Comments and information may be submitted or obtained by contacting the race organizers, Sue and Kathy Dyer, at 505-739-9953 or greensideofthebigapple@gmail.com.

Kathleen Mixon

Saranac Lake


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