Partisan politics not so decidedly different in SL

To the editor:

Like many other residents of this beautiful community, I attended the Democratic caucus in Saranac Lake this past Tuesday evening, my first time attending such an event.

Initially, I was excited and hopeful, but that feeling quickly changed. The event was poorly organized, and it started almost an hour late, but that was not the most disappointing part of the evening. The caucus leader, Franklin County Legislator Lindy Ellis’s behavior was nothing short of that of a bully’s. She was rude, prejudiced and spiteful. Something that, without a doubt, left me feeling discouraged and embarrassed not only as a registered Democrat but as a female. I can’t express enough my desire for more respect and decorum among our community members, let alone elected officials. So, Saranac Lakers, I urge you to please do better, be better and when it comes time to vote, look not only at the candidate but also at those who stand beside them.


Hannah Pelletieri

Saranac Lake


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