Democratic caucus was enlightening

To the editor:

I want to thank everyone connected with the Democratic caucus this past Wednesday evening for getting the truth out about those who sought the Democratic nomination for mayor. Perhaps learning certain facts about the candidates didn’t change anyone’s mind, but they mattered greatly to me. How could it be in any way “rude … prejudicial and spiteful” to publicly ask any village mayoral if he lives in the village? In my opinion, he certainly should. I found it enlightening that Jimmy Williams’ primary residence would not be living with the rest of us, but he would use the address of another village property he owns which he assured us is legal. Yes, it’s “legal,” but that doesn’t make it kosher.

Also of great interest to me was establishing the would-be candidates’ party affiliations and learning whether they’d accept the Republican as well as the Democratic nomination. While Mr. Williams’ response at first seemed honest (admitting he would) this newspaper revealed that when Williams stood before us he already had accepted the Republican nomination at their caucus (conveniently barring Adirondack Daily Enterprise reporters so the Democrats would be in the dark about it? I dunno.) But I strongly feel that no politician or citizen claiming to want fairness, transparency, and honesty should lie by omission. That’s not what I want leading our village.

Please, all registered voters, get out and vote for responsible, honest leadership. Saranac Lake needs it and deserves it.


Karen Lewis

Saranac Lake


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