Finding common ground

To the editor:

There have not been many situations where we can point out bipartisan legislation coming out of Congress, but in certain instances, it has. It is once again time for across the aisle cooperation. The debt limit increase is needed to avoid a disastrous result. I encourage all federal representatives, to act in a bipartisan fashion and find the common ground one needs to bring about compromise. I do not believe there is any member of the House or Senate that would be in favor of the non-payment of Social Security benefits or federal wages, let alone defaulting on payments of governmental debt instruments.

I would also like to thank all those who serve in an elected position in the federal, state or local governmental entity. It is not an easy task and we all should appreciate what you do, regardless of political affiliation. We may not agree with all representative decisions, but your willingness to serve is greatly appreciated.

Tom Finch

Saranac Lake


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