Yes, climate change is caused by humans

To the editor:

In his letter titled “Is human activity causing global warming?” (Enterprise, Nov. 18), Ira Weinberg apparently debunked decades of scientific research behind the well-established fact that climate change is human caused, through a few Google searches. If so, this puts Mr. Weinberg in league with intellectual giants such as Dr. James Hansen and Dr. Suyukuro Manabe, whose research is bolstered by the work of thousands of other climate scientists around the world. However, Weinberg’s findings should have been submitted to a peer reviewed journal prior to being aired in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. As per your guidelines (submissions must be factually accurate, with credible sources provided), the letters to the editor section of your paper is not the place to float unfounded opinions around now established fact. Rather, let’s focus on the narrow window we have left to head off the cataclysmic impacts of climate change, and what our communities in the North Country can do about it.

Dirk Bryant



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