Vaccination stats should be reported

To the editor:

I read with some dismay, but no real surprise, that the coronavirus pandemic continues unabated here in Franklin and Essex counties (“Local COVID cases rising ahead of holiday season,” Enterprise, Nov. 20). I commend the Adirondack Daily Enterprise for reporting these statistics, but why aren’t you reporting the vaccination status of the cases, hospitalizations, and deaths? Perhaps Mr. Cerbone, the staff writer, as well as the local health officials, have given up on trying to convince the inconvincible about the importance of getting one of the safest and most effective vaccines that has ever been developed. After all, if 774,235 deaths in this country, as of Nov. 23, won’t move some people to roll up their sleeves and get a shot, nothing will. Some individuals are willing to risk illness and death for themselves, their family members and their neighbors, to quit jobs or get fired, rather than get the COVID vaccine. They will stick to their guns. It’s “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

Dr. Michael C. Sinclair



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