Why we’re voting for Johnny Williams

To the editor:

It is with great pleasure we write this letter in support of Johnny Williams’ campaign for a seat on the Harrietstown Town Council.

The slogan Johnny is using for his campaign, “Commitment to Community,” could not be more perfect. It sums up beautifully Johnny’s outlook on his upbringing and his keen interest in giving back to the people and places that forged him as a man.

When Johnny was queried why he decided to run he replied directly and candidly, “It’s time,” time again for Johnny to repay the debt he feels he owes his fellow townsfolk. Together with his brother and business partner, Johnny owns two cornerstone business in this community, and while others would focus solely on survival and profitability in these times, Johnny has chosen to give back from his position.

The popular 7th annual Turkey Trot event he co-leads has risen over $120,00 for the benefit of the Saranac Lake Interfaith food pantry and the Saranac Lake Student Needs Fund. People donate generously to this event because of the causes benefited, but also because of who is asking. Johnny is a respected and trusted businessman always impeccable in word and deed.

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone. Businesses have been shuttered and battered by staffing challenges, supply issues and difficult restrictions. Undaunted by the challenges, Johnny has chosen to reinvest in his business with significant upgrades both aesthetic and functional. Who else in the community sees opportunity when the horizon ahead remains murky and unclear? We need this kind of leadership for our town.

Please join us in voting for Johnny Williams on Nov. 2.


Jim and Sue Murnane

Saranac Lake


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