Schrader deserves another term

To the editor:

As a resident of the town of North Elba, I don’t really have any business telling the good citizens of Harrietstown how to vote, but residents of North Elba and Harrietstown alike do call Saranac Lake home. When someone asks us where we’re from, we don’t say, “I’m from North Elba” or “I’m from Harrietstown.” We say, “I’m from Saranac Lake.” So I hope my neighbors in the Harrietstown section of our shared village will at least hear me out.

I am asking you to reelect Tracey Schrader to the town council.

I have known Tracey for over 20 years now. When it comes to community service, Tracey is a much better woman than I. I am in awe of the passion and energy my friend devotes to serving others.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve seen her deeply involved in our schools (including serving on the school board), serve on the Village Improvement Society and in the Women’s College Scholarship Club, and finally be elected to the Harrietstown Town Council. I have watched over the years as she and her husband donated time and treasure from their own business for community causes. And these are just the “big” things. In between, Tracey gives of herself in so many small ways every single day, but they are not small things to the neighbors, friends and family she cares for, including me.

As a town board member, Tracey has been unwavering in her commitment to the job. She reaches out to everyone, listens carefully to her constituents and faithfully attends board meetings fully prepared to discuss the agenda and make decisions. Some of her recent efforts include expanding broadband for the town, addressing road salt contamination and continuing business park development.

What I know best about Tracey is her character. She asks nothing of anyone that she doesn’t expect of herself. On the board as in life, she holds herself and others to a high standard. She offers each person respect, honesty, compassion, clear communication and dignity, and expects the same in return. At the same time she will absolutely speak out against injustice and shady behavior – political or otherwise. Think of her as a “no B.S. zone.” She is fully focused on the purpose of a town council – to serve the people of the town.

Tracey is downright determined to make her community a better place, and her actions prove it. I’m sure I irritate her with my constant “I’m exhausted just listening to all these things you’re doing” comments. She could easily tell me to take a flying leap when I do that. Instead, she just tells me how important these things are to her, and that’s what drives her to work so hard for others. I believe her, and so should you.

Please reelect Tracey Schrader to the Harrietstown Town Board. You won’t find anyone with more passion and integrity, and she has more work to do to. I hope you’ll honor her with another term.

Annette Scheuer

Saranac Lake


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