Riley endorses Rand for super

To the editor:

I am endorsing Jay Rand for reelection to the position of supervisor of the town of North Elba. He has done a great job looking after the affairs of North Elba but equally important, in Essex County, town supervisors look after the affairs of the entire county as the county Board of Supervisors.

I have been personal friends with Jay a long time. We both served on the staff of the Lake Placid Olympic Organizing Committee, and when I needed background for one of the official reports to the IOC, then I would turn to Jay for information.

Jay is dedicated to the well being of Lake Placid and North Elba. The family name Rand is synonymous with the history of that area.

Now with the multi-million dollar “renovations” in progress on the Olympic venues, what better time to keep Supervisor Rand, a former Olympian, in office.

He deserves another term.

And you know what? His mom and her sister were friends of my sisters when they were students at Bloomingdale High School.

Politic endorsements are tough in small towns where everyone is friends … or most everyone. I was born a Democrat and loyal to my party.

Jay’s opponent, Derek (Doty), is a good guy. He was on the championship hockey teams at Plattsburgh State with my son Keefe. His dad and I were good friends, but timing is everything, especially in politics.

Derek’s time is coming but it isn’t this time.

If I lived in North Elba I would be going door-to-door urging residents to vote for Jay Rand so he can continue his fine service as North Elba supervisor.

Howard Riley



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