Harrietstown deserves Harris’ leadership

To the editor:

Adam Harris is the forward thinking, committed leader that our town deserves.

I’ve known and worked closely with Adam for over a decade. Every time Adam takes on a task or project, it is done with thorough planning and precise execution. His passion for topics like workforce housing, the Lake Clear Business Park, small business growth and development, integration of the rail trail to the community, and road salt reduction should be taken seriously, as he is not one to take on a challenge lightly.

Adam has many personality traits that make him the perfect person to fill the role as town councilor, here are a few that you should be aware of:

¯ Candor – We should expect our elected officials to communicate openly and honestly. Adam is the type of person who would much prefer a difficult topic be discussed rather than ignored and is not afraid to be frank when necessary.

¯ Humor – While all town council discussions should be taken seriously, there are plenty of moments when humor is the appropriate tool to help progress a conversation or break the ice on a difficult topic. Adam is a funny guy, and he knows how to use his humor to build rapport and smooth out rough roads (figuratively, please don’t let him run heavy machinery).

¯ Benevolence – A true leader wants all members of the community to succeed and has a desire to do good for others. I believe this is one of Adam’s least known, but most important, character traits – likely because so many charitable acts are done without others knowing. During my five years as a board member and two and a half as president of the Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, Adam was regularly the first to step up when there was a request for donations of goods, funds, or time. In the interest of seeing all succeed and to do good for others, I’ve watched Adam lend a neighboring business his equipment when there’s went down, even when it meant a big personal undertaking. When a new business opens in the Saranac Lake area, he is often one of the first in line to spend his money on products or meals.

I’m proud to write this letter, proud to have a “Harris for Town Councilman” sign in my yard, and proud to call Adam my friend.

When election day comes, I’ll be voting for Adam Harris – because he is the leader Harriestown deserves.

Keith Braun

Saranac Lake


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