DEC, save the wildlife refuge

To the editor:

I, Lora Bushy, Wilmington resident, would like to ask the (state) Department of Environmental Conservation to grant a stay of execution for the Adirondack Wildlife Rehabilitation and Refuge Center located in on Springfield Road, Wilmington.

On Oct. 25, our DEC will cause the “refuge” to close because proper permits and paperwork hadn’t been filed on time with the DEC. I refuse to let red tape put an end to this vital native Adirondack animal education and ally.

There is an organization with all the required paperwork filled out to take the reins so the “refuge” can remain open. The problem is that our DEC has the “power” to close it down.

Our DEC consists of people who have the means to change their collective mind. All I ask is for the DEC to grant the time necessary (stay of execution) so our “refuge” can remain open.

DEC, please use your humanity and executive “power” to grant extra time for a group that has done nothing but act in the interest of our native animals?

Golly, even murderers on death row can receive a stay of execution.

Respectfully submitted,

Lora W. Bushy



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