Bevilacqua, Harris for Harrietstown

To the editor:

We live in a topsy-turvey world. Managing public services to and for taxpayers at any level is a daunting, demanding and challenging commitment. Providing services — whether in the private business sector, the government at any level, or organizational service providers — has reached levels of reality requiring the every day application of knowledge, experience and commitment.

Why would I think Bob Bevilacqua and Adam Harris meet those kinds of needs and challenges?

As a past member of the Harrietstown Board, serving both as a councilman and as the supervisor, I have a real time understanding of the responsibilities of both the functioning of the Harrietstown board and the responsibilities of both supervisor and councilman.

I personally know full well how necessary it is to work with the taxpayer and Harrietstown departments to provide service at a practical cost.

I have also served with Bob as a member of the Harrietstown Town Board. I really do have some insight into how he addresses service, needs, projects and the cost to tax payers. In my personal experience with Bob, he addressed those issues in a realistic, business like way.

I mention this, because I believe it is important for you to know that Bob thinks for himself. He is not party dominated.

Does he have all the answers? No — but he works hard with others to find the best answer to meet a need with an awareness of the cost both in dollars and human resources. I believe he works with others to find a good way to balance, need, cost and benefit.

A word about community service. Do you recall “Daffest”?

If you think back, Bob, his family and friends did the Daffest — daffodils planted throughout the community — and doing the “Go Cart” races for kids on George Lapan highway. A huge community project that so many kids and parents enjoyed. Both Bob and Adam have supported community organizations raising money for community based services and projects.

Both as community citizens and locally-owned businesses, they have done community service.

The long and short of it is that, if you as a Harrietstown resident want competent, committed, get it done people to represent and work with you, residents who have invested in and supported the community in both their personal and business lives, then I encourage you to consider Bob Bevilacqua and Adam Harris as your candidates of choice.

Please exercise your right to vote.

Ron Keough

Saranac Lake


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