Stefanik shows her true colors

To the editor:

Our local Congresswoman showed us where she really stands in her statement reported in The Adirondack Daily Enterprise and elsewhere on Thursday, July 29. “Stefanik blames Pelosi for Capitol riots as House committee hears testimony” read the headline.

While she claims to “back the blue” in her speeches and campaign ads, she chose the day that four members of the police organizations that defended the Capitol on Jan. 6 were testifying about how they were overwhelmed, abused and traumatized by the mob that swarmed the Capitol.

They each made note of the Trump flags and banners, Make America Great Again hats, and statements that “Trump sent us” as they were being abused. Not once during their testimony did they suggest that the riot was somehow caused by or related to actions by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The attempt by Ms. Stefanik and other members of her party to try to move the blame for the insurrection to anyone other than former President Donald Trump and his supporters does nothing to help our district or the country. Instead, it further fuels the “Big Lie” that somehow the election was stolen and that President Joe Biden is not the legitimate president.

This is simply a continuation of her efforts to try to overturn the election by refusing to accept the legitimate vote counts from states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia and Ohio on Jan. 6.

While listening to Capitol Connection on WAMC (last week), Alan Chartok suggested that perhaps her motivation is to so endear herself to Mr. Trump so that she could be considered as his running mate in 2024.

It seems some are willing to sell their souls for personal gain. We deserve someone who will serve us and our country, not just personal gain or a lame duck has-been like Mr. Trump. As noted in the Enterprise article, there was no way that Nancy Pelosi could have taken any action that could have caused or prevented the attacks. Instead, she was one of the targets of the rioters.

David G. Welch,

Lake Placid


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