ArtWorks offers statement on alcohol

To the editor:

In the July 28 Enterprise, there was an article stating “Third Thursday ArtWalk organizers are asking the village of Saranac Lake to allow attendees to drink alcoholic beverages on the sidewalks…”

Saranac Lake ArtWorks took over managing the ArtWalks for the creator, Tim Fortune, in 2019, working in close partnership with the Chamber of Commerce. We shared the duties and the Chamber actively promoted the events. The village, the chamber, downtown businesses, and ArtWorks all believe the ArtWalks are a positive, family-friendly, community event that provides entertainment on summer evenings for large numbers of people.

ArtWorks might have been open to hearing ideas about alcohol being served, but our board of directors had not even brought the subject up to discuss before it appeared in the July 28 paper. We would have looked at the pros and cons and probably made the same decision that has come about now. Serving alcohol during the ArtWalks is not something we are in support of.

We would rather serve up the creativity and ingenuity of our artistic community members and continue this productive partnership with the Chamber of Commerce.

Sandra Hildreth

President, Saranac Lake ArtWorks Board of Directors

Saranac Lake


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