Stefanik must consider the other side

To the editor:

This is an opener letter to U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik.

Wow, only in your new leadership position for a short time and your priorities are shaping up. Instead of supporting and advocating a bipartisanship congressional investigation of the seditious insurrection of the US Capital on Jan. 6; you and your fellow leaders think it is a better use of resources to investigate the claims of a TV personalities’ unproven claims of an NSA investigation. That seems logical, I think not.

Now that the speaker has decided to form a group of house members to investigate the insurrection on her own, because of your lack of commitment, she is asking your team to put forth a roster of republicans. Instead of deciding amongst your leadership team whom your selected members should be for some reason a trip to see the disgraced former president seems necessary. That is not leadership, that is subservient. Gee I wonder who his choices will be Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert, Louie Gohmert and Stefanik? That seems like a group that would be open to fairly review the facts, unlikely.

Now you are touting another priority integrity in elections predicated on the claims of a known fabricator of the truth. Instead of trying to encourage and make it easier for more Americans to vote, most of the 300 new laws you say are necessary do the exact opposite. It is apparent that your leadership team is afraid of voters unless they are “your” voters. But even better yet some of the laws you tout as needed allow the local leaders to correct the mistakes (wrong person lost) after the fact. That must be an “alternative” definition of integrity not found in the old Webster’s.

Isn’t it time to start to listen to the majority and maybe negotiate in good faith for the betterment of the entire country?

Again, I am trying to figure out how I would explain to my two-year-old grandson when he gets to vote for the first time why the candidate that he voted for who had millions of more votes didn’t win. “Well grandson, in America some powerful people know better than you do who is best suited to do the job so they “fixed” it”. “Oh yeah I forgot, grandson that’s integrity as defined by our Representative Elise Stefanik”. Boy who is the radical, now. Your chances are waning to right your legacy; right now, it seems like it will be sad.

Chuck Damp,

Ray Brook


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