Falsehoods dilute major issues

To the editor:

Elise Stefanik thinks we are all dumber than posts. Claiming that the Jan. 6 insurrection was somehow Nancy Pelosi’s responsibility (Enterprise, July 29) is like blaming our defenses at Pearl Harbor for World War 2.

She even made up “facts” to take the focus off of the real culprit: Donald J. Trump. The Capitol police do not report to Representative Pelosi, contrary to Stefanik’s rant, and for her to malign those heroes is shameful.

Craven Republicans like Elise know that a true bipartisan examination of the capitol assault would hurt them politically. They ignore their oath of office and invent excuses for their cowardly repetition of obvious falsehoods.

We need a representative to represent us, not one who parrots talking points from Mar-a-Lago.

Lee Keet

Saranac Lake


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