To the editor, and yes, Peter, this means you:

I originally started this letter over two months ago (languishing in the depths of my computer draft box). Now that I know the news you will be moving on soon — so very sad for us, so exciting for you — it is time to dust it off and get it out.

For some time, I have been appreciating more and more our immense good fortune to have a local daily paper. You help energize our community, hold us together, keep us accountable. You educate and challenge us. You allow us space to express opinions (case in point), agree or disagree, advertise, announce, question and answer. You inform us of the daily things in life — births, deaths, art exhibits, theatre, sports, opinions, classifieds, book reviews, local history. You entertain us with cool stories (thank you Howard Riley, Historic Saranac Lake, Bob S., and so many others) and provide me with my daily Sudoku. to which I am addicted.

Peter, you have led this effort for many years with grace and style, intelligence, strength and compassion. As you said in your “Moving on soon” article, this paper is essential to our community. It is a glue that holds us together, keeps us informed, reminds us of our commonality. This paper IS for everyone in the Tri-Lakes area — all of us — those who agree, disagree, support, deny, love and hopefully allow others to be who they need to be. It is our forum. It is precious.

I can only hope the next managing editor embraces us with the qualities you have brought during your tenure: curiosity, openness, lack of judgment and willingness to listen. If we have those and if we support the paper by subscribing, advertising and contributing, we are indeed a unique and fortunate community.

With huge appreciation for the job you have done so well,

Fran Yardley

Bartlett Carry


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