Why follow Trump?

To the editor:

Donald Trump is interested only in himself and money; screw everybody else! He cares only about himself, period! Why in the world would anyone support him is beyond belief. All his life has been one of screwing workers, contractors, architects, small business owners — all say that Trump did not pay them for their work. Don’t believe me? Google “How many people has Donald Trump screwed?” You will be amazed at what to find out. Google how many business failures has Trump had, how many women has he dallied with when being married, how he screwed his family out of their family’s inheritance, how he removed medical treatment for his brother’s son, how he stood up for Vladimir Putin (a murderer) over our own intelligence, how he bashed Dr. Fauci, one of the world’s most revered disease scientists. I was a patient in three hospitals during World War II; this guy you admire called me and my comrades in arms “suckers” and “losers”! This is the guy who you pledge your allegiance to?

Shame on you !

Joe DeMarco

World War II veteran



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