Tri-Lakes Relay for Life

To the editor:

My name is Kirsti Bruce. I was born and raised here in Lake Placid. This has been my home for most of my life. I went to Wells College, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in environmental science. However, I have to say one of my greatest achievements has been my role in the Tri-Lakes Relay for Life. I have been on the committee for about 15 years. During this time, I have learned a lot about myself and the battles that those around me have gone through.

I got started in the Relay because of my best childhood summer. When I was 8 or 9 years old, I got to spend the summer home with my mother. My cousin came and spent some time with us. We went to the horse show and did other fun things around town. It was a great summer. I later learned the reason why I was able to have this “great” summer. My mom was battling cancer. What I thought of as my best summer was my mother’s worst summer.

The year after my mother’s battle, the two of us joined the Relay as participants, and the following year we were on the committee. Last year I stepped up as a tri-lead for our local event. Granted, last year’s event ended up canceled, but my drive to support the American Cancer Society has not wavered.

Due to the hardships forced on many people because of COVID-19, so many things have changed this past year. The American Cancer Society has been forced to change how it operates. What does this mean for our community? Well, while we are still supported by the American Cancer Society, we will be relying more on ourselves, our committee and our communities. This means, if we want the Relay to continue in our community, we need support, committee members and volunteers.

We have all been affected by cancer. We all know someone who has battled or is battling the disease. The money that we raise for the Relay is still important to these individuals. The advancements that have been made are not enough. This means that the fight we are in is not over.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping us plan our event or providing support with a donation, please reach out to us. We need our community’s support if we wish to have a successful event and continue to support the American Cancer Society.

Kirsti Bruce

Tri-Lakes Relay for Life

Saranac Lake


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