‘Saving’ Social Security?

To the editor:

Perhaps my personal “favorite” of today’s growing number of radical-right-wing conservative-Republican “greatest hits,” operating out of what Paul Krugman calls “bad faith” and what Jane Mayer calls using “stealth tactics,” is how they try to deceive, mislead and fool the public into believing that they want to “save” and “reform” Social Security when, in reailty, many of them want to cut/reduce the benefits and, eventually, abolish it entirely.

Just one example of this is a former speaker of the House who often said that he wanted to “save” and “reform” Social Security, yet right at his own website you would discover that he tried on several occasions to have the benefits cut/reduced. So their way of “saving” and “reforming” Social Security is to totally abolish it. That is slick. You have to be a step ahead of these people.


Stewart B. Epstein



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