Impressed by Lake Placid first responders

To the editor:

During a recent visit to Lake Placid, I found myself uniquely positioned to play witness to some local heroes responding to a medical emergency. What struck me about the situation was the willingness of both local police officers and volunteer emergency medical personnel to go above and beyond to respond the call in their response to the situation. Young officers who protect and serve, and volunteers who step up to take care of their fellow citizens. While you’ll often hear about the exploits of officers and EMTs in places like New York City and other metropolitan areas throughout the country, may the smaller Adirondack communities never forget that that they, too, have ever-watchful heroes in their midst. Well done, and keep up the good work, Officers St. Louis and Therrien of the Lake Placid Police Department, and all the volunteers at the Lake Placid Volunteer Ambulance Service — the village is lucky to have you.

Todd Mihill

Virginia Beach, Virginia


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