Roger Catania shows care and respect

To the editor:

I read Elizabeth Izzo’s article about retiring school superintendent Roger Catania with great interest. I have known Roger for over 50 years. I have had many conversations with him about education and his experiences over the years, from the time when we would drive in together to Manhattan (he was teaching at the Ascension School on the Upper West Side, and I was attending Fordham Law School) to more recently while he was serving as your superintendent and I was serving on my local board of education. What I can say with great certainty is that Roger loves your community and has put your children first. Roger is a gifted teacher and a superior administrator because he cares about what he does and he respects everyone.

I was not surprised to read his quotes where he gave credit to everyone else. So let me just say, the energy, faith and devotion that he has brought to his position and your school district will light the lives of all the children who were fortunate enough to attend your schools under his leadership.

Well done, Rog!

Michael J. Burke

Darien, Connecticut


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