No free space for Elise

To the editor:

I am disturbed at the lack of responsibility that the Adirondack Daily Enterprise has taken by printing Congresswoman Stefanik’s opinion column on Feb. 13, despite the editorial notes included to correct many of her politically slanted and deceptive comments.

Police were attacked and killed as a result of the mob attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6. President Trump did not lift a finger or voice displeasure while mobs ran through Capitol offices chanting, “Where’s Nancy?” and erecting a noose for Vice President Mike Pence. This is not behavior that can in any way be condoned. Yet Congresswoman Stefanik continues to stand by her man. Stefanik and her comrades are masters of manipulating language and instead of accepting accountability they are taking quotes out of context and accusing Democrats of the same thing.

Even while he voted to acquit Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell condemned him in no uncertain terms, calling the big lie about the election a lie that Mr. Trump used to incite and ignite violence.

Stefanik claims that the impeachment was to “punish” Mr. Trump. The impeachment had already happened, TWICE. No, it was a conviction that the nation needed — not to punish but to prevent this type of violence from happening again and to show that there are consequences for incendiary rhetoric. It seems it will be up to us as patriots and citizens to keep pressure on until the conspirators-in-chief are held accountable.

As the Enterprise noted in the context of printing Ms. Stefanik’s slanted account, at the end of the day Mr. Trump said, “We love you. You’re very special,” to a mob that had killed and injured policemen and desecrated our nation’s Capitol.

Elise Stefanik and others like her should be shunned and not given free space in any newspaper.

The woman has been an accomplice in treason and an embarrassment to her country. As a patriot, I condemn her and her colleagues who have not recognized the legality of the most recent presidential election, who would do anything to throw out legitimate votes and who promote a lie that tears at the very roots of our democracy.

Can representatives be sued by their constituents for treason? If so, please sign me up!

Kathleen Recchia

Saranac Lake


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