Marketing departments?

To the editor:

On Saturday, Feb. 20, the National Hockey League will host two outdoor games in Lake Tahoe. They are building the rink and all other necessary structures just for these games. The nearest NHL teams are Las Vegas and LA, both about 450 miles from the site. I am sure the views will be spectacular.

Can anyone else think of a location that would be perfect for such an event? No fans, so do not need a large city — check. An airport 30 minutes away that the teams could fly into — check. A scenic sight — check. What sight would be more scenic then with the Olympic torch, Whiteface Mountain in the distance and the ski jumps towering over the rink? Check, check, check. Any guess of the site yet?

Yes, the horse show grounds right here in Lake Placid. What a perfect spot for this event. With Lake Placid’s hockey history, why not? Does Lake Tahoe have anything we do not have? Nope.

So where were our marketing people or event staffs? Did anyone in the New York state, ORDA or ROOST event staffs reach out to any organization to see if we could host an event like these two games? When was the last time a new, fresh event was brought to our area? Let’s get on the ball.

Bill Hurley

Lake Placid


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