To the editor:

A new Lancet medical study on Thursday has accused the Trump administration of causing 461,000 unnecessary deaths in a year.

The report from the British medical journal, founded in 1823, titled “Public policy and health in the Trump era,” was carried out by 33 researchers, including some from Harvard.

The study was highly critical of both Donald Trump’s policies and what it described as America’s inadequate health care system.

It found that 461,000 unnecessary, or excess, deaths occurred in 2018, based on life expectancy average compared to other G7 countries.

According to the study, 180,000 COVID deaths could have been avoided if the U.S. death rate mirrored the average of the other G7 nations.

“It’s going to disappear one day. It’s like a miracle. It will disappear.” — Donald Trump, Feb. 27, 2020.

“It will go away.” — March 6.

“It will go away.” — March 10.

“Stay calm. It will go away.” — March 30.

“It’s going to go away. It is going away.” — April 3.

“It’s going to be eradicated.” — April 29.

“With or without the vaccine, it’s going to pass.” — May 5.

These are all quotes from Donald Trump while the pandemic raged through our country!

We have now have passed over 500,000 (half-million) COVID DEATHS in the United States.

Those of you who voted for and supported Donald Trump, including those spineless senators who voted to acquit him, are complicit in all those American deaths.

Joe DeMarco

World War II veteran



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