Who does Stefanik think she is?

To the editor:

It recently dawned on me that Elise must think that she knows better than what the voters and public officials in the states she believes held a fraudulent election this past November. I do not see anyone from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia joining in with her to condemn the legitimate elections held in those states. Somehow she seems to think that she knows better. It smacks of arrogance or opportunism to hang onto Trump’s coat-tails to promote her unsubstantiated lies about all the public officials and volunteers who ensured the election was as honest as it was here in the North Country.

Just think of how we would like it if Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley were to go around and announce that the elections that were held in our polling places were fraudulent?

I think we all know better.

John Haverlick

Keene Valley


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