To the editor:

Disgusting, disturbing, foul, gross, selfish, lazy are a few words that I use to describe what I saw in your community.

While driving to Lake Placid last week, I stopped at the Tupper Lake Municipal Park at the north end of the village. I was shocked to find one bag of dog poop on the ground, three bags of dog poop on a picnic table and … wait for it … one empty McDonald’s french fry container filled with poop on the same picnic table. Yes, that’s right. Someone actually took the time to scoop poop into a McDonald’s fry container and thought it would be a good idea to leave it on a picnic table.

The irony is that the picnic table was under a sign that said, “We love our community. Please help keep it clean.”

While I don’t know if this was done by people passing through or by a Tupper Lake resident(s), it’s beyond my ability to understand. I know we’re divided as a country, but for crying out loud, people, have a little respect for your community. If that’s too difficult, take responsibility for doing what’s right, and have some self-respect.

Bob Gabor



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