Trump could stop it

To the editor:

President Trump could stop any potential violence right now. He could stand up and say, “I lied! I didn’t want to admit defeat. It was hard for me.”

After watching his brief remarks this morning (Tuesday) on the White House lawn, it is profoundly obvious that he is not going to do that. He insists his remarks last week were “totally appropriate.” NOT! Unfortunately, he is neither noble nor sane. He is a dangerous man. His supporters are chattering on media sites that they will put bullets into Democrats. His enablers in Congress need to stop making excuses for him. He doesn’t learn lessons. His college professors said he was “unteachable.”

I realize there are only eight days left, but he needs to be removed immediately. That crowd was calling to hang Mike Pence, shoot Nancy Pelosi and had zip ties to take legislators hostage. This is profoundly unacceptable. According to the FBI, the upcoming inauguration seems to portend alarming situation.

One more thing I’d like to bring up is that the wife of Supreme Court Justice Thomas is up to her neck in this chaos.

(From a Jan. 10 article in Black Enterprise) “She has used her now-deleted Facebook page to promote disorder among citizens as well as numerous conspiracy theories including, Bill Gates’ use of the COVID vaccine to kill people, unsupported claims of Joe Biden’s corruption and accusing former President Obama of using his administration to illegally spy on Trump’s campaign to rig the election against him, the publication (Slate) detailed.

“Thomas has even accused the Democratic Party of causing harm to the American people.”

Her role requires investigation. If Justice Thomas, notoriously a staunch conservative in his rulings, was aware of her activities, he should resign from the Supreme Court.

I confess that I am angry at all this evil that has been going on for the last four years. I never dreamed Trump was this manipulative and evil in stirring up all the conspiracy crazies in this country.

Jennifer Zahn

Saranac Lake


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