Shame on Mr. Jorling

To the editor:

We are in total agreement with the recent letter to the editor from Mr. Robert Schiller. Do Mr. Jorling and the Adirondack Park Agency not realize, apart from the pleasure enjoyed by the people who use the marina, they are hindering the growth of a wonderful business that serves the residents of Saranac Lake and the surrounding communities?

We are boat owners with a 31-year history with both Duso Marina and now with the current owners of the new Saranac Lake Marina. In spite of all the hurdles, Mr. Damp and his associates are doing a remarkable job of restoring this historic spot, which had certainly been neglected and fallen into a pretty sad shape.

Mr. Damp should be praised for his efforts to provide a beautiful, well-equipped and well-maintained marina.

Shame on Mr. Jorling and the APA for the roadblocks they continue to create, impeding the growth of a successful business, long established in Saranac Lake. Respectfully,

Connie and Rick Dennis

Saranac Lake


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