On the issue of Elise Stefanik

To the editor:

The Republican congresswoman representing the 21st District of New York — it is has been made very clear for her. The integrity ship has already sailed. Forget about competency and intelligence. She has zero common sense and no respect for anyone she claims to represent.

This is a classic example of the political animal and the egotistical and conscience grab for power and relevance. Surely not admirable traits for a patriot, much less an honorable public servant.

She has shown her allegiance and is is not focused on “We the people,” just like her confederates. It’s the “me the I,” not the “we” she worships.

Being complicit and in league with insurrectionists is a open-and-shut case for her immediate expulsion from the United States Congress.

She is forever a part of the big lie.

Wayne L. Leonard

Melbourne, Florida


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