Message to Elise Stefanik

To the editor:

Dear Rep. Stefanik:

I am glad you are safe and relieved that you are sad about what happened in Washington Wednesday. However, you cannot absolve yourself of a part in the violence, especially when you addressed Congress moments after the insurrection was quelled, continuing your opposition to the election results and encouraging even more violence. Your position has no basis in fact, and you ignore the legal decisions of countless court cases. Your position is truly undemocratic.

You have overplayed your Trump card here in the North Country. You have never lived among the people you represent, and I believe you underestimate their honesty. I sincerely believe there are not enough people in the North Country who believe in conspiracy theories and harbor grievance fantasies to reelect you after your embarrassing support of President Trump.

Let’s challenge the Republican Party to find a better candidate to run against you in the next primary.


Jerilea Zempel



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