Concerned citizen from NY-21

To the editor:

Dear Rep. Elise Stefanik and the other 146 Republicans who voted to overturn the election:

What did the blood feel like when it touched your hands? It must have sent a puzzling signal to your brain. Did you deny that your allegiance to debunked fictions played a part? Did you renounce the rhetoric that echoed the halls of the People’s House from the throats of the mob? Did your synapses reject the idea that the lies you pedaled fomented this insurrection?

Did the blood feel cold when you massaged it between your manipulative middle finger and plotting pointer? The coldness to condemn violence, yet continue with the sentiment that caused it, is heartless. The callousness to praise the Capitol protectors while one lay dying from wounds sustained by a red fire extinguisher, wounds mercilessly and repeatedly thrust upon him by your white patriotic malcontents until he was blue — a life you said mattered until it didn’t — is bone chilling.

How did the blood on your hands taste when it touched your mouth? After all that happened, you fastened yourself to the podium and continued spewing deception and destruction into history — metallicly continuing your original, seditious strategy.

Malice and blood are salty and bitter, and you’ve acquired a taste for both. Because of that fact, you should no longer be served this drink, and no longer be allowed to serve. You should no longer be able to quench your thirst for power at the expense of iron-willed Americans who honor truth, decency and above all, this country.

With condemnation,

Evan Mack

Putnam Station


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