A ‘rally’?

To the editor:

I was appalled to read the headline in the weekend edition of the Enterprise: “Views from locals at Trump rally.” It wasn’t a “rally”; it was an insurrection. And it wasn’t a “festival” or a “Woodstock moment,” as described by Jim Lanthier. It was a racist, white supremacy attack on our democracy. Reading Jim’s account, I have reservations as to whether he was actually at the event or just dreaming. This type of journalism feeds the racist views of those racists in our community. Don’t be a supporter/advancer, through regurgitation, of these right-wing crazies. I am disappointed in the Enterprise.

Ed Gualtieri

Saranac Lake

(Editor’s note: The people we interviewed said they were not inside the Capitol, where the primary violence occurred. They were at the rally at the Elipse beforehand, and one went to the Capitol but did not go inside. Therefore, we think the headline is accurate.)


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